Monday, March 22, 2010

Stay awake

I'm inspired by nature mostly. Inspired by the change of seasons, the sun, moon, music, water and most importantly emotions.

I am inspired by my ancestors, my roots, everything tribal simultaneously with the person I want to become. A refined, sophisticated socialite, power player and Mogul. Everything I create is a balance that allows you to recognize each and me in between.

There was a time where everything I wore had a hole, was cut, distressed, torn, ripped and that was a direct reflection of how I felt about myself and where I was in my life. (Just speaking about myself and not the trend.)

Today my wardrobe consists of pieces that are structured, edgy, strong, no-nonsense and authoritative. A combination of a business woman and a warrior. A structured blazer paired with combat boots.

I am inspired by change.

I love this video because I love people who are bubbling with inspiration and passionate about their art so much that it borders insanity. Folks who can clearly break down how their brains work, their design process and how the multiple levels of their lives correspond with each other and inspire each other.

Isaac is a little nuts but a lot of what he says at the beginning of the video makes sense. The Rosie clip I don't get but hey, it works for his brain.

Whatever inspires you. Inspires you. Becomes you. Creates you. by Design.

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