Monday, March 8, 2010

Mother Punker

To commemorate International's Women's Day let's take a look at Vivienne Westwood.

If you're a hipster. You should know Vivienne Westwood.
If you've ever worn combat boots, leather motorcycle jacket, anything with studs, distressed should know Vivienne Westwood.

If you're a catholic school girl research Ms Westwood and she'll transform how you feel about your uniform.
Ms Westwood has been called the creator of punk and although I'll give it to her for putting punk fashion on the runway. We all know punk (as a fashion statement and style) was born like most things fresh on the underground scene.

The punk movement was an outcry by the youth, a collective movement of rebellion through music, art, literature, movies and most visibly fashion. Punk which started in the early 70s was an expression of individuality. A style that could not be ignored in the streets of London or New York.

Today Ms Westwood continues to break rules, setting the runways on fire with her brash sense of humor and political views. Miss thing famously wore a sheer outfit sans underwear to receive her OBE from the Queen in 1992. Nuff said.

Despite her edge her hand is swift and graceful, creating pieces that shock but always with a twist of romanticism. Artful.

Peep the video as she breaks down how art on the other extreme of the spectrum influenced her newer collections.

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