Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crack the code

Time for the Cocolah Fashion Challenge!!

This time around I decided to dust off and reissue the very first fashion challenge because if I don't say so myself it's a damn good one! Yup!

This image makes my creative juices flow! I can see myself on a yacht holding onto my straw hat with one hand, sipping on a glass of Sangria with the other. Oversized YakBlak sunnies blocking the sun, and the hate, (cus if you have a yacht real or imaginary, someones hating on you) I'm wearing tan linen pants rolled up with a white bikini top. My future six pack browning under the Mediterranean sun. Ah yes this is the good life. Yes indeed.

Huh? Oh I was saying...

I see whites, neutrals, tans, browns, light blues, yellows, shades of orange,  a pop of color in place of yellow? pastels of course. (pastels are back ya'll) Textures from linens to velvets. Moods from soft and flowy to crisp white button downs. High contrast or monochromatic.

The point is: Be creative!!!

Insert motivational quote pulled out of thin air ala Oprah:

Creativity = freedom. 

Example: Um hello I was just on my way to Morocco from Spain on my private yacht a few minutes ago. I was there shopping of course. I'm free as a bird and you're the wind beneath my wings.

This image is also my fashion forecast for the summer. Clean, crisp, minimalist and light. The polar opposite of this winters drab grays and all blacks...which I loved by the way.

The possibilities are endless. Now get to your closet and create an outfit!! Don't delay!
Submit to by 3/20/10! LET'S GO!!


A one of a kind s'aint yacque bracelet.

Anaja Seeds (from Brazil) and Jasper beads.
s'aint yacque's take on nature's charm bracelet.

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