Saturday, April 4, 2009

you do care!

Awwww!!! You missed me!!! How sweet!!

I've received a few emails regarding the Care What I Wear section....or lack there of...sigh. I am an eye treat aren't I...well..what can I say? I was born this way....

I'm going to be completely truthful.....I got some winter weight on me and most of my clothes don't fit. I'm tearing as I write this cus I was soooo disciplined for almost 3 years but the busier I get the harder it is to get to the gym and to make the conscious effort to eat healthy....

now I know what Oprah feel like....sigh. Mo work (not money) mo problems?

I can't even stand's like a few extra pounds has thrown off my whole game....that's the problem with only owning clothes that FIT FIT....a few extra pounds and you're assed out. It's that damn grilled swiss cheese sandwich from the Dominican Bakery and the extra strong black coffee every few days. I be trying to balance it out the next day with a bowl of yeah ok...not with the fat gene that runs in my family...I have no choice but to stay on the gym grind. siiiiiiiiigh.

Top that with working an average of 13 hours a day in a seating position makes the two days at the gym almost irrevelent....the calorie count burned in an hour of cardio doesn't cover breakfast.

whew...ok I've gotten that off my chest.

Not only that but I've been HELLA ELLA ELLA ELLA AY AY AY busy. OMG!!! That's not even the word but I won't get into it.

Let's move on to the GOOD NEWS about lil ol me:

1. I've FINALLY finished my business plan which I've sent off to the money man....I'm just waiting on that CHIZECK so I can go to Dominican Republic and get lipo...JOKE!!

2. I'm in the process of adding FIVE.....count them FIVE new designers!!! oooeee!!!

Branching out of the NYC are and bringing in folks from Cali, Chicago, Florida, Paris and Numa the Jetsetter!

3. I recently added my Stripped and Bound Collection to They're going fast folks!! I'm really in love with this collection....each piece is one of a kind...cus you know thats how I do....they're time consuming but each one has a life of their own. They just fall across your body in a gracefully but rockstar sorta way. Oh snap.....sorta like me.

4. I've recently added my Kill it. Rock it. Collection to I've been making these tails for over 4 years and I'm sooooo over them but folks keep asking me for them so hey....what's a hustler girl to do but give the peoples what they want. Find them both in the s'aint yacque section.

5. Recently launched the 'Lah Galleria a section dedicated exclusively to fashion based art. With the first installment featuring Miss Numa with her the voyeurbitionist project. sexy. sexy.

The talented lady will also be featured on with her DOPE ass designer glove collection.

Ya'll neva seen anything like them. PURE HOTNESS.

You HAVE to check back for that.

whew...that was a mouthful.

Stay tuned and tell a friend or two.

Yah the friendly ghost

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Tracy said...

Who is that pretty young lady?? I'm jealous.

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