Monday, March 16, 2009

Cocolah ♥ Funky Lobes

Fashionista and Jewelry Designer Marie is surely more than meets the eye. She's not only a talented designer but a savvy business woman and is quickly creating a name for herself in the underground fashion scene.

Her designs are unique using yarn as her medium to create delightful yet sophisticated pieces. You could totally where her jewelry with jeans out on the town or dress them up.....especially her bangles which I LOVE. Her use of color makes my heart smile but not as much as her telling me her moms helps her out somethings...too sweet. oh stop time to get mushy so let's keep this moving along..

She's positioning herself as a stylist's bestfriend with her Brooklyn based "Marie's Closet"....But I'll let her tell it.

What is the first thing you think about before getting dressed?

The first thing i think about before i get dressed is: "what is my mission for the day?". That way i know if i have to put on heels, converse sneakers, or cute vintage boots. ♥

How long have you been designing Funky Lobes?

I have been designer Funky Lobes for 11 months. It will be one year in April.

How did you come up with your technique?

I came up with my technique out of boredom and an intuitive feeling that yarn can be used in fashion in more ways than knitting and crochet.

What can we expect in the future of Funky Lobes?

Funky Lobes is in the process of launching a line of vintage and reworked vintage items. I love vintage, always have but I am committed to bring vintage to fashionistas in a different way.

Funky Lobes will commercialize vintage for the masses. Watch out for us on college campuses, street corners, and many unexpected places.

You're also a stylist, what part of the job do you most enjoy?

My favorite part of styling is shopping and borrowing super cool clothes and play dress up with my subjects! so much fun.

ell us a little bit about Marie's Closet?

Marie's Closet is a part of my company that allows fashion professionals (Stylists, models, photographers) to pull garments on a rental basis. We are also giving our clients to option to buy and rent out our studio for photoshoots.

What is your fashion pet peeve?

My fashion pet peeve is definitely those ugly, miserable, super duper annoying 'UGG BOOTS'. I think they are absolutely unacceptable. I dont care how comfortable they are.

Share one of your fashion secrets?

One of my fashion secrets is Grandma's Secrets wrinkle
remover. It's absolute magic!

Name a recent fashion inspiration.

The cover of the current V magazine with Grace Jones on the cover reminds why I am so in love with what I do. Fashion is forever. Definitely inspiring.

What trend do you see in the future for underground fashion?

Underground fashion doesn't, well shouldn't have forecasts. I think the younger kids will determine what will be new and hip. I dont really follow much forecasting or fashion prediction in my daily life, but i have to for styling but it's pretty unpredictable what we will be the next IT fashion statement . If MC hammer inspired pants can make such a huge comeback, anything can.

What trend do you wish would just die, die, die?

I wish those damn ugg boots will go away. and i wouldnt' mind men being a little more masculine sexy in the way they dress

If you could travel to any country for a all paid shopping trip where would it be?

oohh, oh my. lets see. i would love to go Paris. I hear they have really good vintage shops and good coffee. I love coffee!

What would you choose: a personal tailor or unlimited shoes?

Unlimited shoes because I can always hire a good tailor, but unlimited shoes, now that's hard to resist!

Any advice for the future designers?

I think future designers really need to develop a strong business sense as well as their creative sides. I truly believe that your talent will become a hobby if you cannot make a living from it. I am still in the process of making a full transition but I fight for it everyday.

What do you think is the must have item on

I really want the Butterfly bag from Nit Ra Sit. SSSSOOOO cool. I have been drooling over that bag for a while!

For more information about Marie's Closet please contact

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