Thursday, March 12, 2009 Artist Series Presents Miopuma

In efforts to bring you all flavors of underground artistry on the fashion scene I'll be highlighting some dope ass underground artists; sketch, photography, etc, etc and XYC.

C for Cocolah for your FYI.


Sidenote: Understand that every time you think you know what is all about I'll be hitting you with something brand new and improved...something will always and forever be brewing in Cocolah World....AKA Yah's world.

Cus I'm easily bored even with my damn self so I gotta keep it flowing or die.

FLOW OR DIE....that's my new motto....don't bite.

I stumbled on Miopuma's Facebook profile and instantly knew I wanted to know more about her and her art. Her sketches were of wicked chicks I can dig. Not your usual butterfly and puppy dogs type girls but girls that give you bad attitude cus they stay cute so you basically can't blame um and love um despite of....siiiiiigh. present company included.

SO!!!! ENough bout me (is it really....damn)'s "miozotis m. pumarol moloon" aka MIOPUMA!!

Interesting name...where are you from and before we continue this interview can you verify that you are NOT an illegal alien?

I am of full Dominican descent, first American generation of my family. Spanish was my first language and naturally, I am a model citizen.


i gotta be honest there’s something a lil dirty about your be honest that's why i love them. Do you care to elaborate?

I am a big fan of erotic art so sensuality is very present in my work. Plus, I live in the heights – a hyper sexual environment. I am inspired by simple pleasures - sexy girls on the street, raunchy music videos & pornography. I like to think that with my sketches, I’m sort of an urban erotic ambassador. Uptown! Uptown!

how would you describe your fashion style

I would describe it as slightly tattered, playful and sexy. A little bit “trabajadora”, a little bit B-girl…maybe some white trash influences…I just love skimpy things! I may look to some like a reformed stripper.. I don’t know..


what do you wanna be when you grow up?
I want to be what I am now but more, a renaissance woman and a sex symbol.

just curious do you have any students loans and have you been paying them on time?!

Well, you got me there – I do have school loans and the feds are probably out for me; If I would’ve known then what I know now…

tell me a secret...come on i wont tell anybody.

There is no secret - I’m one of those open book types – I will say random personal shit..To anyone that wants to listen.


other than illustration what other medium do you use to express yourself?

I really like taking pictures in my neighborhood; I also enjoy taking sexy photos of my friends. I have done a few short movies. I’ve been experimenting with editing for two years now; some of my favorite projects are videos.

Now wasn't that FUN!?!??!

Uh huh told you....she's an interesting lil thang. That video was wicked dope. Thanks Miopuma!!!

Stay tuned for our next Artist Profile: M. Tony Peralta


Cami said...

"Muchachita" is the ishhh! Gorgeous! I wonder if she artist has a book droppin soon?


paulette said... her work.

Truth said...

YEEESSS!!! FASHION MASH-UP! BUP! BUP! Brand New Designers! Art, I've never seen before. This is what I'm talking about. Yah, I love you. Cocolah, I love you. This woman-creator is awesome!

Tracy said...

" There is no secret - I’m one of those open book types – I will say random personal shit..To anyone that wants to listen. "


I like this artist. She's her, I too am an open book. We're free & don't give a damn about what others have to say about us because we're walking in our own purity on our own personal path to peace.

& her ART is Hawwwt! Wicked!!!

miopuma said...

thanks -

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