Thursday, April 23, 2009 Pops Up Shop at Gen Par Come by and Say Ahhh!

Say that three times fast! whew!!

The best things happen by accident.....well...except for teen pregnancies and finding out the girl you met at the club is not really a "girl girl". heh.

So I stumbled into Gen Par Gallery today and was cordially invited to participate in their Collective Art Show tomorrow.

How can lil ol' me pass up an opportunity to mingle with an audience that hasn't heard me shout COCOLAH.COM from the mountaintop every hour on the hour.

Soooooooo, I'll be stationed at the show tomorrow
APRIL 24th from 7pm - 10pm

Find me in the backroom peddling s'aint yacque (of course) and a few pieces from select COCOLAH.COM designers.

I'll be signing autographs for $5 a pop.

Collective Art Show in DUMBO
April 24th
7pm - 10pm

45 Main Street. 12th Floor
Brooklyn, USA

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