Wednesday, June 2, 2010



Introducing the man behind the indie brand Aston Mozie; Mr. Ugo Mozie. Keep your eyes peeled for this fella.  He's got "it" I mean just look at his riding boots...nuff said.

 Designer & Image Consultant Ugo Mazie


# What is your fashion pet peeve?
- My fashion Pet Peeve is people who are not true to themselves when dressed up. when i see people trying too hard and not respecting there inner selves. I can easily spot a fashion fake a mile away.

# Share one of your fashion secrets?
- umm... I used to add Shoulder pads to Tee Shirts.

# Name a recent fashion inspiration.- My Most recent Fashion inspiration was This African guy i saw in Harlem. He wore a full out Mustard Yellow African ensemble with a huge extravagant chain and a cap. I think it may have inspired my summer look. :)

# What trend do you see in the future for underground fashion?
- Men in skirts. Straight guys wearing Kilts and sneakers.

# What trend do you wish would just die, die, die?
- Girls in skinny jeans and sneakers. Im all for girls in heels, even flats but no Js please.

# Who is your fashion muse?
- Kelis

# What would you choose: a personal tailor or unlimited shoes?
- Unlimited shoesss. Ill tailor my own stuff. lol. 


InnyVinny said...

Damn, Yah you sure can pick 'em. WHERE do I buy this man's stuff?


on cocolah real soon (fingers crossed)

Candice said...

wow awesome post! i love the interview too :) great blog

izetta said...

Amazing! His line screams strength and confidence. I cant wait to get my hands one of his pieces.

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