Thursday, June 11, 2009

If you wanna be my gLover you gotta get with my friend. Miss Numa!

I LOVE MY JOB!!! brings much joy to my life...that is...when I'm not pulling all nighters photographing, retouching, blogging, web designing, marketing and researching. Sigh.

On the rare occasion where I can sit back and enjoy being able to bring you dynamic and unique items from all around the world is when I can really sit back and say ahhh!

This is one of those occasions; is super excited to introduce Miss Numa the Glover!

Gloves are oh so sexy.....and they're an accessory that really sets you apart because although they've been around since the beginnings of fashion...they're a rare treat.

Takes a special kinda girl to have to fashion sense to pull these on.

1. Gloves....aah gloves. Gloves seem to be the forgotten accessory which were once a staple of fashion. Where did they go I wonder...

What inspired you to create the Miss Numa Glover line?

It is my love for gloves that inspired the line. the way they feel when i wear them, and the way people respond to seeing them. i wanted to share this with women and men alike.

2. Tell me a little bit of your design process.

my designs often start with a color combination i see or a fabric that i love touching. i ask myself how can i make that into a glove? will the fabric behave properly? if not what fabrics can i combine to get that pattern on my hand? i wrap things around my wrist and imagine.

3. You're also a photographer, how does photography influence your sense of fashion.

my work as a photographer is a high influence on my choices in fashion. clothing that photograph well are generally bold yet fluid. allowing the person wearing them the flexibility for expression yet completely standing on their own. when a photograph is black and white yet the clothing still stands out with beauty and sensuality then you have really created something special.

Take a peek at Miss Numa's Photography on Lah Galleria.

4. What other projects are you involved in?

i am also a filmmaker, actress, and exhibiting visual artist. i am directing my first feature film titled la petite mort which deals with women, love, life, and death. all told in an experimental/non linear fashion. pun intended :)

some of the women will wear gloves in the film of course :)

6. What is your fashion pet peeve?

although i wore my first pair in three years just about a week ago -(thanks to a friend who gave me a crazy fun thrift store pair from the early 80's) i have to say my fashion pet peeve are jeans.

jeans are so very boring. and the status symbol some designers make of them is annoying me! i also think louis vuitton bags are ugly. not that they aren't constructed well, but people make themselves walking advertisements with that LV all over the place. and a lot of times it boils down to look at me and how much i paid for this.

7. What can we expect from the Miss Numa line in the future?

That's my favorite questions as it gets my imagination churning...You will definitely see more dynamic gloves with unexpected color cut and fabric combos. You will also see very soon one of a kind limited edition jackets and gowns which i am very excited to introduce soon.

8. How would you define your personal style?

this question is hard to answer. i am drawn to wearing lace and soft fabrics. i love flowing dresses. and when i am running around the garment districts of la and ny or just doing regular errands you can catch me in a simple cotton jumpsuit from american apparel.

i wear heels at night and flat boots or sandals in the daytime. and i of course love pantyhose and gloves and wear them frequently as well.

9. If you could choose between unlimited shoes and a personal tailor what would it be?

the tailor.

10. What is the MUST HAVE item on

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FreshnancyJimnston said...

lol. I'm glad to put you back in a pair numa. ;) -tosh

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