Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Look Back on Michael Jackson Inspired Style

Remember the time


Izetta Henderson

Michael Joseph Jackson blew this world wide open with his musical ingenious and impeccable style.

As a child growing up in Brooklyn, NY during the 80s, my brother and I rocked Micheal Jackson inspired jackets.

Zippers adorned the pockets and almost every other open space, the shoulders were garnished with studs and glittery patches. EXTRA. EXTRA.

When I really wanted to give it to them, I removed the sleeves and rocked my jacket as a vest with high water Lees and Nike sneaks and a ponytail to the side. Michael made us feel alive.


We can't forget the signature style of the Jackson 5.

A time where Afro's were tough and bells rocked all night long. Polyester never looked so good. The style of the 60s is alive and well today, hell right here in BK.

Plaid pants incorporated with tight fitting button downs and men shoes, coupled with locks, tapered fro and hot shades (preferably from YAK BAK - fix you face son).

In 1979, Micheal Jackson released Off the Wall and graced his album with his well mannered Fro, Black suit, white shirt, black tie. His smile lept off the cover and you just knew, his pants were high, white socks a gleaming and loafers were rockin.

Only he could make a tux look so hip.

How many of you pushed up the sleeves of your suit and tux jackets, flipped your collar to show your cool....He was definitely a smooth operator.

In the 80s, Michael reunited with his family and blessed us with Can You Feel it....damn that song made me feel like I was 10ft tall!

The Jackson 5 refined their style and took straight to outer space. Fros were updated and the curl was added, with tight jeans and rockin tees and tops.

Don't forget moon dust sprinkled across to give those tops a certain kind of 80s flair.

Though the decades, Michael brought us many variations of his personality. Whether it was bedazzled gear reminiscent of a military general, or garments that made the Jetsons look like a bunch of lames. Michael Jackson did up his way. He made me look forward to a time when cars will fly and holograms will be the next hottest thing.

Even now, I have seen his style grace the stages of Madonna, Usher, Justin Timberlake, even the Dream is MJ style and fitted denim, yet baggy denim, a phenomenon i still don't understand...hahaha

I can go on forever about MJs out of this world style. But i just wanted to jog the memory and remember the times....take some time, look up his style resume, reminisce over glittery gloves and buckles.

Love it or hate, MJ contributed so much to our lives....I am deeply sadden that I will not see this powerhouse grace us with his upcoming tour that was in the making. But I will never forget how fly I felt, standing on Fulton street mall, standing in front of Fayva, rocking my red Michael Jackson vest and white sweatshirt with a sliver glove...thank you sooo much Michael Jackson for visiting our realm, you were simply to big to be contained on this tiny planet....

Over and Out!


Yah's 2 cents:

First off, I never had said jacket...sigh. My family was just off the boat and we couldn't afford it...but in high school I had a Bedazzler and EVERYTHING. I MEAN EVERYTHING was studded. Hat, jacket, shirt pockets, jean pockets (not comfy to sit on but mad cute). So I think I'm almost over the trauma.

Just recently the fashion world was thrown for a loop when Mike (as I affectionately called him) was spotted in pieces straight off the runways of Balmian and Givenchy.

Womenswear, no less but who has shown us the dopeness of androgyny in fashion better than Mike. No one.


BTW if anyone wants to buy me the whole Givenchy's Fall 2008 Collection please email me for sizes. Thanks. Straight fire!


Also, feel free to pick up the military/Michael Jackson inspired Demim Balmain spotted on Rihanna...totally MJ and TOTALLY sigh.

OK...I'm done.

Thanks ZETTA!!! Let's keep the articles coming!!



DivineJoy said...

I really enjoyed the Bad era without the buckles, lol. Mike is that dude and anyone who has hateration toward him is just pure evil.

Uchiwali Tha ExtraTerrestrial said...

rihanna must have felt the spirit for real.
she was going hard with the jacket AND the HAIR!

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