Monday, October 27, 2008

The Agytators in 15 Questions

My granny would often look at me square and say "Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres" which means....Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are....mmm hmm you know that's right!

These ladies right here!!! I'm honored to call them my friends! LOVE EM!! Soon as I met them I knew there was something truly special about these ladies. That they'd someway, somehow make history. They are not the type of women who fade into the background.

Point blank they're Agytators.

Not only do they have style for days and days and days but these chicks are HUSTLAS!!! The Agytators understand the visual and psyche game the masses love to play these days and they play it well. They're quickly becoming super talented photographers, scratch that MEdia Queenz, style icons, social butterflies, one of those "need to know people"....Buzz Queenz. Is that an official term?? Might need to copyright that.

I asked my favorite girls a few questions...wanna hear um? here it go!!!

What is the first thing you think about before getting dressed?

I think… I need to watch some Best of Soul Train from the 80’s. And I do (Got it recorded).

First thought: I gotta make more money! My desire to develop fresh new looks for myself will probably drive me to become a millionaire (or insane) faster than any of my art forms.

Fashion drives me mad!
Fashion drives me mad!
Fashion drives me mad!

When dressing for an event what's more important: being cute, comfort, dress code or weather?

Being myself… which is undeniably cute.

MELLY SHABAZZ: Confidence is the most important item in any wardrobe. Without it, you’re not going to be cute or comfy.

What's your hustle?

Today I’m a Superhero Artist. Photography, film, music, and events. And tomorrow? Anything I want!

MELLY SHABAZZ: The Church of Manifesting Your Destiny Through Multi-disciplinary Arts Youth Outreach Ministry.

Does your hustle pay rent or do you have a side/day job?

I only write what will be. It pays the rent.

MELLY SHABAZZ: A hustle that doesn’t support your needs i.e. shopping, rent, mortage (if you got it like that), and food, is a dream deferred. I feel like a bootleg fortune cookie.

Who has a better style, you or your alter ego?

They both are pretty dope and keyed in. If Coco picks the dress, Tasha picks the shoes. Both say BE BOLD.BE BOLD.BE BOLD.BE BOLD.

Both are pretty fly. Mel is more of an emotional dresser than Melly.

How often do you shop?

Everyday! How? It’s a MYSTERY!

MELLY SHABAZZ: Every extra dime goes to fashion.

Has the economy affected your shopping habits?

A little little bit. Shop thrift, then you won’t have to worry about recessions cause you get the good sh*t dirt cheap. Valuable advice.

You can’t lose what you never had. Recession or no recession, I’m thrift store pimpin all day!

What is your fashion pet peeve?

Extreme Jodhpurs. They can’t be worn anywhere (even on horses) and they make everyone look like fauns. (Think Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.) Yuk!

Man capris…utterly digusting!

Share one of your fashion secrets?

COCO BLACK: Ebay. I will say NO more.

I gotta agree with Coco….EBAY.

Name a recent fashion inspiration.

COCO BLACK: Jeremy Scott, Viktor Rolf, random 80’s castoffs that can be reinvented.

MELLY SHABAZZ: Coco Chanel, 80’s and early 90’s sitcoms, and Rock Music.

Rock Music is a chief influence in what I’m transitioning into. It’s been very hard for me to accept rock music because of it’s blatant stealing from Black musicians without proper recognition. But since I’ve been able to get pass the thievery and embrace rock music, it has given me an exciting ambiance in which to consider my style and fashion.

What trend do you see in the future for underground fashion?

Big Russian Fur hats + foxtails with chains. ;)

Red lipstick on dark skinned girls = Super cute! Multiple chains + long pearls

What trend do you wish would just die, die, die?

COCO BLACK: Those hoodies that zip up over the head. Talk about stupid and pointless. Fashion should always have utilitarian value… no matter how ridiculous/audacious it is.

MELLY SHABAZZ: Square tipped nails--I hate them. Round-tipped nails are classic. Square tipped nails are gaudy and awfully tacky. I wish nail salons would refuse to shape nails in such a hideous manner.

Who is your fashion muse?

Myself. Hmmm… Grace Jones, Kelis, Soul Train dancers circa 1980’s (that’s a good secret), Peggy Moffit, David Bowie if he was a woman. So many.

Grace Jones- she’s the mother of fierceness and i’m extremely taken by Coco Chanel.

What would you choose: a personal tailor or unlimited shoes?

Personal tailor. I can always bind my feet, steal my mom’s ever-expanding mountain of shoes, and fit my size 9 foot into her size 5 shoe. Ha ha.

Personal Tailor—oh the magic we’d create!

Any advice for the wannabe fashionistas?

COCO BLACK: Be innovative and unique. Nothing worst than looking like an H&M mannequin. Nothing worst in the whole entire world! (Well, maybe this depression is pretty bad!)

Develop good taste. There’s nothing worse than good clothes on a person with bad taste.

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