Friday, October 31, 2008

Don't let the Dow bring you Down!

I've started asking my favorite fashionistas if the economy has affected their shopping habits. Thankfully for me...AND it hasn't :) KEEP SHOPPIN!!!!

If you ask me the MUST HAVE accessory for the economic slump is a pair of YakBlak Vintage Sunnies to mask the expression of sheer fear and gloom....just a thought.

So!!!! Here are a few tips on how to move forward in the next...few years? Yikes.

OK let me goes:

COAT! Note to my East coasters....I think more and more folks are FINALLY starting to pay attention to their Outerwear..thankfully!!! SNTDC. (Say No To Down Coats) unless you live in Antarctica there is really no excuse unless its 20 below zero which is rare thanks to global warming.

There is such a large range of beautiful coats in interesting patterns and textures. BE CREATIVE!!!! You'll only be wearing it for more than half of the year and when your (would be) fans see you in the street. YOU'RE STYLIN!!!

If you wear jeans...invest! splurge!!! Yes splurge in a new pair of killer jeans that fit you like WHOA! If you're anything like me once you find a pair that FITS. FITS. you won't take them off till the crotch starts fading away...that's when they really start looking good...why is that?! You try and try but fall right back into your trusty pair that hug your butt like so...sigh.. I'd stick to a dark wash or black for the winter months, you'll definitely to get the most wear and they can also cross over to semi dressy events.

Same goes for a great pair of slacks, get them altered if you have to....a dope suit if you can spare the change...might as well get it now while you might need it later considering all the layoffs...sigh. Let's stay focused.

Shoes. A nice pair of dress shoes will take you a long, long way. If you're into sneakers, I can't help you there cus I dont know nothing about sneakers BUT my man "The Stuntman" will help you out in that area...he'll be featured here on next week with his column "A Stuntman's Style Guide". Stay tuned!!!!

Where was I?

Ah...yes shoes. Try getting a shoe that would look great with your suit AND jeans. See where we're going with this...they're called essentials.

Crisp white shirt NEVER, ever fails, makes you look crisp, clean and it is truly a timeless layman's terms makes you look grown. Wear it while hanging out and/or to work. Switch up one of your many scarves and you got a completely new outfit every time. Leave it open for a more casual look. Tuck it in, buttoned up and out, under a cardigan or v-neck sweater...catch my drift?

Right now you have to figure that every piece that goes in your closet has to be versatile.

OH!!!! AANNND since we're sooo not getting our clothes dry cleaned...hand wash your precious white shirt!!! PLEASE! OR wash in the washing machine and HANG DRY!! Never, ever use bleach; it will yellow your shirt, try baking soda instead.

Pay extra attention to the collar and always add a little detergent and let it sit for a bit before hand washing...thank you very much.

Moving on.

Most of us are well aware that the best way to get gear on a dime is thrift BUT!!!! Like attracts like so if you have fly friends...have a SWAP MEET!!! I had a swap meet a while back and it was a true success sooo much fun. I got rid of a lot of stuff in my closet I didn't want anymore but couldn't part with (story of my life).

Swapping with friends makes it easy to let go when you're getting that burgundy velvet blazer you've been secretly hating on. Now it's all yours!!! Try not to hate when you see your friend rocking that sweater you thought you were over...just let it go boo. Let it go.

That's all I gotta say about that.

Your favorite cocolah,


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