Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Missing in Action

So here's the real deal. (Deep Breathes; Long Sighs)

About three weeks ago someone broke into the Cocolah headquarters. OK fine; my home and took basically all the essential tools I've used to build and maintain the business.

After a long week of extreme paranoia I've settled into what I'm calling a funk slump. A state of pissedoffness and unusual laziness. Can't seem to get my flow back but what I am getting is that unsettling feeling that something has to change drastically.

I feel some of my old bitchiness coming back after years of being in the zone of positivity, love, peace, light and all that good shit that has rubbed off on me from hanging in the holistic parts of Brooklyn. It's like I'm turning into the incredible hulk in slow motion.

For 2010 my aim is to merge my two selves and just be a sweet bitch to the best of my abilities.

I'm happy to say I finally got a new computer but still need the essential software to get down to business. Also, I'm hoping to soon build the same bond that I had with my beloved laptop. It's like a new lover who's good in bed but they just haven't gotten to know what gets you like the old lovah did. Takes time.

Also, I'll be offering all the discounts and sales I meant to offer for the Holidays so stay tuned for that!

BTW I have a killer new haircut and as soon as I get a new camera I'll bore you once again with pics and stories about little ol me, me, me. Which is actually quite popular around these parts.

Oh the downtime has also gotten me working out again with a passion so my body is taking shape and making me want me more and more everyday and giving me a wider range of the things I allow myself to wear for show and tell.  AY! I'm looking at this body as a business investment cus I figure it might help me replace all that was lost faster. By any means necessary to live the life you dream?

Pull up to my bumper baby!

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Raygon Fields said...

From the Love Below: Andre 3000
God...Come In God...Damn You're a Girl.....To Be Honest with you, I just want a Sweet Bitch!
~Say Ahh Sistren Yah

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