Monday, September 6, 2010

Neutrally Dark

Welcome to the dark side.

I've never been drawn to bright colors and being a Latina woman I've always had to justify my dark side. In my culture, a lack of brights is associated with everything from depression to attracting negative spirits and energy.

Trust me, I fully understand the effects of color on mood, how it enhances your skin tones and gives off subconscious messages about your personality. I get it. Red means power. I get it.

Nevertheless I find comfort in neutrals; chocolate brown, gray, camel and of course black on black. Not only do they speak to my introverted nature, I find these colors chic, rich, sophisticated and versatile.

Neutrals allow me to add a piece to my wardrobe without having to buy a whole outfit. Everything goes with the flow and follow me to the dark side.  There is nothing to be afraid of. Nothing makes me more excited than a monochromatic charcoal gray palette and when adventurous with a dash of burgundy.

Some colors are just too bright for my taste, the few times I wear a bright top I gotta keep my shades on. So what do you do when things seem too loud for your taste? You mute it.

Thankfully this fall muted brights are here to combat all the negative spirits!

Nowadays I find myself adding a dash of color with accessories, jewelry, a bright nail polish here or an off beat broach there. All black outfit with a Guatemalan purse made of woven fabrics in every color known to man.

Adding an unexpected pop of color to an other wise neutral color palette when done well gives a flair of sophistication and place for the eye to rest and of course...combat negative spirits.

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InnyVinny said...

YES to this palette. All day.

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